Tuesday, September 16, 2014

willy & jacquie {family}

These people you are about to see are true country folk, down to the roots. Jacquie and I were picturing a bright summer evening with blue skies and puffy clouds, with a beautiful golden hour to top it off. We ended up rescheduling because of a smoky sky and on the day we planned to finally just do it, it was just as smoky and a couple degrees hotter than the time we had canceled! Argh. We had so much fun though:) Jacquie is quite the talented photographer herself! Check out Artistic Portraits Photography on fb, to see some of her work.

((That awkward moment your own kid shows up in a clients photos))

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

amber & ryan ||family||

I'm hoping to blog all the sessions I have and will be doing in 2014. (maybe not all in order) but I want to blog them all. Mainly because the quality on here is much better than facebook and I don't have to upload full resolutions in order to still have a decent looking picture. So I hope you all come back often this year to see the sessions I will blog:)
Amber and Ryan. I went to high school with this couple and Amber and I took a Foods 30 class together along with some other awesome gals and we used to have the best of times, and the most intense discussions, and laughing fits. We grew up to have families of our own, and with the busyness of life don`t see each other often, but we have now vowed to a coffee date and I am looking forward to it! 
Amber`s hubby suggested we take their boat and find a sandbar to do some pictures. I had been secretly wanting to do a beach-y session this year with someone so I was giddy when we figured out the details and headed for the water. Here`s a look at their beautiful family. Enjoy!